I illuminate your unique gifts and strengths so you can create more impact, more money and live in alignment to your true self.

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You just need to let go of the one-size-fits-all strategies that don’t feel good to you, and start leveraging your unique strengths that differentiate you from everyone else. I can help you do this with ease and simplicity. 

Working in a way that honours your energy and individuality is within reach...

I had a lot of success from the early stages of my business and within the first month I was fully booked with social media management clients, re-recurring revenue and a waiting list of referrals.

It looked amazing from the outside but in actual fact I’d created a business that wasn’t sustainable, didn’t feel aligned and I was exhausted and burned out. 

I’d started my business to have more freedom to spend more time with my children and although the work was flexible, it wasn't at all aligned with my Projector energy or my own gifts & strengths. 

I guide established entrepreneurs to build the most aligned strategies that support their business while also focusing on self-exploration,  Human Design & the Gene Keys.

I believe strategy is the key to sustainable and repeatable success but your energetics should always inform your strategy. 

So instead of following generic strategies you’ve been taught, you’ll be guided by your innate & unique strengths so that you build a one-of-a-kind business. 

Through intuitive Human Design readings, potent business coaching, and group experiences, I support my clients to master their energy, pinpoint their unique strengths and step into their highest potential. 

My mission is to help you make a powerful impact, great money and live in alignment to your true self through doing the work that’s in your zone of genius and lights you up!

Ready to own your uniqueness?

It took me a couple of years of self-discovery, experimentation & energetic embodiment to create a different way to do business.

I’m here to help you illuminate and activate your gifts and bring those to the forefront of your business.

Elaine Leek, energy healer + intuitive channel @elainesarahleek 
 3/5 splenic projector

I'd explored a little bit of Human Design myself but the way Nicole read my chart and explained it all to me - was nothing short of incredible. Literally everything she mentioned hit home for me. As if she was looking inside my mind and my soul. I absolutely loved it. Nicole gave plenty of space for questions, further explanations and space for all of my curious tangents. I absolutely LOVED this Nicole! Thank you so so much for guiding me through this. You are such a powerhouse."

"My Human Design reading with Nicole was unlike anything else!

Carla Townsend, Money mindset coach @moneymindsethub
3/5 splenic projector

 I really loved the tangible advice in order to grow my business from a place of ease and flow. It was almost like it gave me the validation I had been searching for to further set boundaries & step into my power. The biggest takeaway was to stop getting lost in comparisonitis as I naturally receive all of the intuitive inspiration I need. Thank you so much Nicole for such an incredible and enlightening experience. I look forward to working with you more."

 "Thanks for giving me the best reading and opening my eyes to the power of Human Design.

dani patton, macro coach @mindinmymacros
1/3 Emotional manifesting generator

I'm still riding on a high from my reading! Nicole so clearly outlined all aspects of my Human Design chart and was able to explain it to this beginner in a way that was easy to comprehend and connect with! I left feeling so connected with myself, excited to utilize what I learned to continue to build out my business in a way that suits my needs. I wish I could work with Nicole every day! I will definitely be back for more education and to dive deeper as I learn to work WITH my design! THANK YOU NICOLE!!"

"I was just in awe of the amount of knowledge Nicole has on the subject! 

YASMIN HUSSAIN, midlife awakening & transformation coach

It was really, really powerful to get those insights from Nicole around my blueprint and how I’m made up, but also how to utilise that in business. I really resonated with the reading and it was such an affirmation. I learned how to use my channels and energy centres to really step into my power and also how to manage my energy in an aligned way to create more ease and flow."

"Nicole's readings have this business lens that she overlays which is so incredibly powerful.

kind words

Your uniqueness is your greatest gift in business.

But so often we get stuck in the ‘shoulds, needs and have to’s. We waste so much time following others' strategies even though they don’t feel aligned and it leads to doubt, confusion and feeling stuck.

If this feels like you and you are ready to create your own unique path in business that feels super aligned.

Your greatest impact in business will come from you owning your gifts, making empowered decisions and honouring your individuality. 

It’s time to leave behind the cookie-cutter business and marketing strategies and ditch following someone else’s formula for success. 

If you're ready to take aligned action to build a business that lights you up with a mentor that will guide you to step into your true potential, then I invite you to check out my offers below. 

Expansive business coaching that synthesises Human Design + Gene Keys to guide you to create a magnetic and fulfilling business and life by design.


A 90-minute analysis of your BodyGraph chart to decode your unique Human design & how that can be applied to your business, marketing, and so much more!


Uncover your unique energetic design with a Human Design reading that explores your gifts, strengths and challenges.


Choose your Experience 

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"Everything in the Human Design system is about recognising the uniqueness of beings."

Understanding your Human Design chart is like discovering a map for your most aligned life and business.

Human Design Blueprint

Get to know yourself on a whole new level with a custom PDF guide of your energetic design, exploring your purpose in life, strengths, challenges, strategy in life and so much more!

 Are you ready to unlock the wisdom & magic of your human design chart?

Firstly, I'm so happy you are here. It's my soul's purpose to guide women (like you!) to reach their full potential - to feel expanded and supported to bring your mighty dreams of having a purpose-led business to life. 

I take a holistic approach to business that brings together strategy + systems with energetics + Human Design. I believe this is where the magic happens. 

I'm here to show you that it IS possible to create an abundant life and business on your own terms. 

I believe in creating a business around your lifestyle so you can have the freedom to live your life on your own terms. 

Hi, I'm Nicole. 

Ready to experiment with Human Design in your business?

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