Are you curious about Human Design and how to apply it to your life?

Human Design 

Discover the magic of your energetic blueprint


Understanding your Human Design chart is like discovering a map for your most aligned life and business.

I'm ready!

I'm guessing you're here because you've pulled up your chart and your mind is blown by all of the information and now you're curious to dive deeper. 

Inside this customised digital blueprint, you'll discover how you are meant to show up in this world, your unique gifts, potential challenges, and the strategies you can utilise to feel in alignment and thrive. 

Your blueprint will be clear, practical and actionable so you'll understand how to apply this information to your life. 

Although there is a lot of information in this blueprint, it's designed in the order that I recommend learning about your Human Design. Take your time to pause, reflect and experiment with how the elements of your chart show up for you. 

  • Type: How you are designed to interact in the world

  • Not Self-Theme and Signature Theme: Your sign for being in and out of alignment

  • Strategy: The way you are designed to work with the most ease and success

  • Authority: Your unique way of making aligned decisions

  • Defined & Undefined Energy Centres: Your consistent energy that radiates out to the world and where you take energy from others and amplify it

  • Profile: Your role in life, and also your way of learning and teaching

  • Definition: How you are designed to interact with others

  • Channels: Energetic channels that gives you insights into your gifts and challenges

  • Conscious Sun Gate: Your purpose in life and what you are here to embody or express

  • Conscious Earth Gate: What you need to learn to be grounded. 

Your customised digital Blueprint includes: 

Your 35+ page Human Design Blueprint will be beautifully designed, full-sized pages and custom created to order for you.

Allow 10 business days for your digital Human Design Blueprint to be emailed to you. This blueprint is created with love and designed so you can refer back to it for years to come.

** Please note that Reflectors will receive their Incarnation Cross details in lieu of the channels. 

All this for just $95 USD