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Welcome to Magnetic by Design: A Human Design Podcast that empowers you to be uniquely you. Join me, Nicole Towers, for soulful conversations and authentic & impactful interviews with incredible guests. I dive deep into topics like spirituality in business, self development, manifestation, entrepreneurship, and all things Human Design.

With each episode, my mission is to uplift, inspire and have FUN!

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Firstly, Welcome! I'm SO happy you are here. If we haven't met before, I’m a Human Design Guide and Business Mentor and I’m passionate about helping visionary entrepreneurs to create an intentional business that honours their uniqueness. 

I'm also a Pisces, 1/3 self-projected projector,  wife and mum of  two, a coffee lover, music obsessed & a traveller at heart who is always looking for the next adventure or intellectual chew toy! 

My intention with Magnetic by Design Podcast is simple - to explore all facets of Human Design and to have insightful, impactful & FUN conversations with people that fascinate me. 

Hi, I'm Nicole and I believe that the journey should be just as fun - if not more! - than the destination.  

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