You're comparing yourself to others, which is keeping you stuck in a cycle of self doubt. You're frustrated that the same frameworks & strategies aren't working for you. You're ready to learn personalised strategies that feel aligned & sustainable.    .



 You've been conditioned to equate your success & income with how many hours you work  and as a result you're working past your energetic capacity. But now you're ready to work smarter and not harder so you have more freedom and flexibility.



You're over-consuming courses and trainings to a point where you're confused about your own unique gifts. You feel overwhelmed and that's keeping you stuck in the planning phase but you're so ready to take aligned action.



We'll focus on building sustainable strategies that honour your energy and bring your strengths to the forefront. You'll have customised support with your offer creation, messaging, marketing and sales so that it supports your energetic design (aka Human Design & Gene Keys). 

You’ve spent so much time, energy and money learning business strategies & marketing tactics that have left you confused about how to actually move the needle forward in your business in a way that feels aligned which is resulting in...

Human Design & Business coaching

If you are an established heart-led entrepreneur, coach or leader looking for personalised strategic & energetic support in creating a business you love, then my one-to-one coaching is ideal for you. 

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I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and stuck inside your own business. In the early stages of my business (when I didn’t know I was a Projector!). I was exchanging my time for money and I quickly became a fully booked (and burnout) coach. I had essentially created a business that didn’t honour my energetic capacity and was the opposite of the freedom lifestyle that I’d dreamed of. I knew there had to be a better way. 

But here's the thing, when I started embodying my Human Design, EVERYTHING changed. I began to align my life, my values and my business. This is where (like magic!) my dream life started becoming my reality and I want to share this with you too. Because you can have success, spaciousness, and a profitable business without having to sacrifice your lifestyle. 

I know this, because I have felt these things too.

One-size-fits-all marketing strategies

Overwhelm and burnout

Self-doubt and inaction

You’re ready for a more personalised approach that highlights your unique gifts and strengths in a way that honours your energy and aligns with your Human Design. 

You shouldn’t have to follow one-size-fits-all strategies that don’t feel authentic, aligned or supportive in order to have a successful & profitable business. 

It's time to say goodbye to:

1:1 Voxer Voice Message Support (Tues-Fri) to support you and so that you can have your questions answered as they come up. I'll be popping in regularly to share the sun transit changes and how that specifically affects your energetic design. 

Bi-weekly 1:1 calls via Zoom. I'll know your Human Design chart in depth and will support you both energetically & strategically to create a life and business by design.

Monthly Copy Reviews you'll be given the opportunity to have my copywriter expertise give you customised feedback to refine & tweak your messaging. Think sales page, website copy or email sequence.  

This 1:1 coaching experience is tailored to suit YOU because not everyone is at the same stage of their business. I take a holistic approach to business that blends energetics, Human Design, Gene Keys, mindset and practical strategies.

I'll partner with you to (re)design your business in the most authentic way that lights you up, increases your magnetism, attracts ideal clients and honours your energy. 

you're ready to build a business around your life so you can have the freedom to  travel, for creativity, to spend with your loved ones & whatever else lights you up!

you're ready to learn how to market and grow your online business from a place of authenticity and alignment. 

you want to learn how to leverage your energy type for success so that you create offers and magnetise soul aligned clients & opportunities to you.

you're ready to dive deep into your Human Design to uncover your unique gifts and strengths so you can reconnect to your purpose.  

This is for you if:

Let's leave behind the marketing & business strategies that have led you to feel frustrated, disappointed, bitter and burnt-out.

It's time to create your own unique strategy based on your energetic design so that it feels 'right' for you. Human Design is an incredible tool for self-discovery and when applied to business, it's an absolute game changer!

It's time to do things your way!

An Illuminate Human Design Reading - my signature business reading to look at areas such as: your brand/life’s work, your ideal business model, your unique genius, your energetic working style (aka productivity), and more. 

What's included:

I'm Ready!

If you're ready for personalised one-to-one support in your business, then I'd love to chat with you. 

I'll send you some resources and begin preparing in true Line 1 form by studying your Human Design & Gene Keys charts so that I can support you to have the most successful year in business!

The coaching is personalised so depending on what we're working on together...


You'll receive an email with all of the important information about working together, including the call booking links and Voxer access so you can book in your first call to get things started. 

Then, when I have received payment from you...


Then I'll be in contact with you within two business days to book a time in for a connection call to see if we are the great fit. If we're both happy, I will share with you how I see us working together. 

When I receive your application I'll review it...


Here's how it works....

your questions answered

As a Pisces Sun & Mercury with the Channel of the Prodigal I have intuitive depth and I’m a gifted listener who holds space for you to share your insights, downloads & big picture dreams in life and business.

As a Quad right I'm receptive and highly intuitive which is one of my superpowers. I have the ability to sense in real time what my clients need and what is going to help them step into their next level and reach their true potential.  

With a 7H Leo Moon I prioritise depth in relationships and I value getting to know my clients and their Human Design, Gene Keys & Astrology charts and partnering with them so they can create a business that is not only successful but that also lights them up.  

As a Line 1 Projector with Virgo Earth I value efficiency, systems, structures and strategies to support my clients to experience more flow and spaciousness in their day-to-day life and business. 


Here's some insights into my gifts & strengths and why I'm uniquely qualified to support & guide you.

Hey, I'm Nicole!

The work I do with my 1-1 clients is transformative - clients have tripled their income, left their full-time jobs, sold out group programs, and hired new team members to keep up with demand. (Just to name a few things!)

My clients go deep, they do the inner work, the energetic alignment, step out of their comfort zone and experience amazing transformations in their business. This type of clarity brings about so much momentum, inspiration, and opportunities. 

create a sustainable and intentional business that feels 'oh so' aligned.

 Human Design Coaching is an empowering and expansive experience that brings together strategy with energetics so that you... 

cynthia orduña, soul purpose career + business coach
1/3 emotional generator

I'd been looking for more guidance in my business, but wasn't connecting with any business coaches I found online. I realized I wanted something really personalized to me. So when I found out about human design business coaching I was extremely excited to learn more! Nicole was amazing! Although it was our first session, she was tuned in to who I was and how I navigate the world. Nicole is really able to look at your chart and tell you how all the pieces make you unique and special. 

"I had such an amazing experience with Nicole that I immediately signed up for her three month 1:1 coaching program!


Nicole helped me to launch my art and wellness studio. Her knowledge and expertise helped me tremendously in my business. In 4 months, I've grown my audience from zero to over 1K on Instagram and I'm making consistent sales for my creative and wellness workshops. I would recommend Nicole to any small business owner wanting to start and grow their business."

"Nicole's attention to detail and tailored guidance is EVERYTHING!


 There was a feeling of knowing it but not knowing how to use it. As a result of meeting Nicole, I have been seen in a way that I have never been seen before, and I honestly feel like I have changed. She has helped me to develop a life script that will help me show up in my life as well as in my business. I can guarantee that your mind will be blown and your life will be changed in a positive way thanks to Nicole!"

"Nicole helped me see the leader and creative soul I am here to embody. 

kirsten Duggan, womens mindset mentor
2/5 emotional generator | @_kirstenduggan

It's a game changer! Nicole has so much wisdom and understanding of Human Design, and she beautifully delivers the content in a way that is so relatable and easy to understand. Nicole delivered so much in depth, detail and information about how to design & structure my business according to my Human Design. This will allow me to work in alignment to my values and create so ease and flow in my business. It is so exciting and is beyond what I ever expected.  

I highly recommend this to everyone!! Thank you so much Nicole... you truly have a gift.

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Are you ready to create a sustainable business that lights you up?

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