I'd spent 10+ years in digital marketing, sales and communication but when I become a mum I no longer wanted to work a 9 to 5 job. I desired to have the freedom and flexibility to work my own hours and spend time with my young family. And this is what led me to starting my online business.

There's been a few pivots along the way -- I have a degree in journalism and also studied naturopath & health science before starting my own business. I started out as a freelance copywriter, then I helped other entrepreneurs with their marketing & business strategy before following my True North and becoming certified in Human Design.

Finding out that I was a Projector energy type was  such a wake up call for me because I realised that I'd spent sooo many years working against my energetic design. I'd been conditioned to think that pushing myself past my energetic capacity was what was required, in order to be successful.

I even carried that mentality into my first couple of years of business by working late each night and not taking breaks. The opposite of that freedom lifestyle and family time I'd dreamed of.... 

What led me to Human Design...

I'm here to help you discover your unique Human Design so you can create an... 

  aligned and successful business... 

So in true 1/3 profile learning style, I researched and studied Human Design in synchronicity with experimenting with it in my life and business. I quickly realised that the more that I embodied my design, leaned into my gifts and showed up as my authentic self, the more success I had...

The invitations and opportunities began to roll in (like 5 invites to be a podcast guest in one day), my Instagram analytics defied logic (like 220 saves, 82 new followers & 3 new clients from one post) and I started to attract the most aligned clients, and my highest income months followed! 

These quantum leaps became my new normal and all while following my Human Design blueprint, leaning into my unique gifts, and re-designing my business in a way that works for me! So now I infuse my business and marketing experience with my certification in Human Design into all of the work that I do. This is the work that lights me up to the core and I love seeing the impact that it's having on my client's lives.  

It's my mission as a Human Design & business coach to guide and empower female entrepreneurs to create a more intentional business that combines strategy with energetics and Human Design in the most aligned way. 


Leading with integrity, honesty and empowerment

self-responsibility and self-leadership creates impact and change



These are the principles that drive my business and the values that I believe in: 

It's time to (re)discover your purpose 

Helping soul-led women in business reconnect with their purpose and find more meaning in their lives.

my business values

Let's work together!

Ready to discover how you're uniquely designed to thrive in life and business?